It took place at the same time as the tree planting day; Planting 600 saplings in the Special Economic Zone and Payam International Airport 
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Investment in Payam special economic zone is one of the most common questions investors encounter when entering this zone. The questions such as how the land is assigned, the duration of land renting, how to obtain investment licenses, and the process of investment in Payam are answered in this section.

The total area of Payam special economic zone is 3600 hectares. The industrial unit was designed in three phases including the first phase with 40 hectares, the second phase with 56 hectares, and the third phase with 70 hectares.

Based on the upstream documents and missions defined for Payam aviation service company and special economic zone, not every industry is accepted in Payam and the focus of Payam is on non-polluting activity called green to the third category of the industry.

In this regard, the priority of assignments in the lands of Payam aviation service company and special economic zone is as follows: ICT Industries, knowledge-based, modern and high-tech industries, pharmaceutical and medical, aviation transportation services, aviation training centers, logistic city and export terminal, exhibition complexes, commercial and administrative offices, welfare and service complexes, and some towns are being constructed in this regard.


Payam International Airport in Karaj is one of the airports of Iran airspace which is active 24 hours a day and is located in Karaj, Alborz province. This airport was opened and exploited in 1992 to conduct postal and air cargo operations. The height of Payam airport is 4170 feet above the sea and has a runway with a length of 4000 meters, a width of 60 meters, and runway resistance of 75 PCN. This airport can accept the wide-body aircrafts and the apron of (aircraft parking) is 128000 square meters with nine stands and lightings. 

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