Issuance of exploitation license in Payam Special Economic Zone

Code: 13051425102

Custodian institution: Post and Telecommunication Air Services Company (PAYAM)/Assistant of Special Economic Zone/General directorate of investor absorption and protection

Necessary documents to receive the service

  1.  Deposit the cost of issuance license  (electronic payment)
  2.  Obtaining tax account fractions (The applicant must declare his tax scope in a letter to the zone for inquiry)
  3.  Copy of the end of function and contract and the latest changes in the official newspaper (place of the company and members of the company, etc.) and advertisement of establishment
  4.  Regarding the contract of real persons, it is obligatory to offer a telephone receipt and a copy of the national card and birth certificate.
  5.  Purchase invoice of domestic and exterior raw materials with the relevant wareroom receipts
  6.  Machinery procurement invoice with relevant wareroom receipts
  7.  Personnel insurance list
  8.  Offering of relevant licenses such as establishment and exploitation license and construction license of the Ministry of Health, Standards, Environment, etc.
  9.  Complete and typing the form, seal and signature all pages by the managing director (CEO) of the company
  10. 10- The original of the previous license (in case of extension)
گروه دورانV6.1.7.0