Issuance license to completion of construction work in Payam Special Economic Zone

Code: 1305142101

Custodian institution: Post and Telecommunication Air Services Company (PAYAM)/Assistant of Special Economic Zone/Office of Plan, development and Construction

Conditions for receive service:

Completion of construction manufacturing operations with the approval of the supervising engineer

Necessary documents to receive the service

  1.  Electronic request
  2.  Completed of Step reports by the supervisor according to the national building regulations
  3.   Deposit receipt of completion certificate (electronic payment)
  4.  Deposit receipt for building construction license extension (electronic payment if necessary)   
  5.  Deposit receipt of the building infringement (electronic payment if necessary)   
  6.  Deposit receipt of issuance cost (electronic payment)

The validation period of completion of construction work license

Permanent (it will be updated if the project is developed in the next phases)
گروه دورانV6.1.7.0