Issuance license to establish construction in Payam Special Economic Zone

Code: 13051425100

Custodian institution: Post and Telecommunication Air Services Company (PAYAM)/Assistant of Special Economic Zone/Office of Plan, development and Construction

Conditions for receive service:

 Hasing a land rent agreement in Payam Special Economic Zone 

Necessary documents to receive the service

  1. Electronic request
  2.  Sealed and signatured maps of the building (along with the dwg file of the map and calculations notebook)
  3.  Commitment of qualified supervisor and accountant according to construction rules in Payam Special Economic Zone
  4.  Deposit receipt of issuance cost (electronic payment)

The validation period of the establish construction license is 12 months

Contact information of office of Plan, development and Construction:

Direct contact number: 026-33266287

The company's contact number with domestic: 026-33266011-15, domestic: 353

Links to access the service

Entering through the window of electronic services unit payam

Entering through the national portal of permits

Entering through the my government's system

Entering through the government's service system to people
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