Renting land and buildings in Payam Special Economic Zone

Code: 13051420000

Custodian: Post and Telecommunication Air Services Company (PAYAM)/ Deputy Special Economic Zone/ General Directorate of Recruitment and Support of investor

Terms of receiving service

  1.  Thematic relationship of the proposed production scope of the applicant with the subject of the activity included in the applicant's articles of association
  2.  Positioning of the production scope of the applicant in the framework of investment attraction priorities in Payam
  3.  Having an environmental category of 3 or less
  4.  lack of inclusion the prohibition of 120 km radius
  5.  Obtaining enactment for the establishment of the applicant in Payam Special Economic Zone from the Board of Directors of Air Post and Telecommunication Services Company (Payam) based on clauses 1 and 2

The necessary evidence to in order to receive the service

  1.  Registration of request for land and construction rent in Payam electronic service system   
  2.  to present the signature certificate of the signatory owners from notary's offices 
  3.  picture of the company's Financial outing in 6 month
  4.  Explanatory plan according to the format of the special economic zone of the payam according to the format of the attachment receivable from pascir system 
  5.  Payment of the initial Cost as Cost  of public service of 100 thousand Rials per square meters (online payment) for land contracts

Links to access the service

Entering through the window of electronic services unit payam

Entering through the national portal of permits

Entering through the my government's system

Entering through the government's service system to people
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