The interdiction of design, development and construction office

The design, development and construction office was first established for guiding the design and supervision of research and development projects and controlling the construction of investors in the special zone.

During the years of activity, this office has played a significant role in the development of Payam company through the direct supervision on the projects under construction. This office promoted the quality and reduced operating costs through its scientific and specialized attitude on the ongoing activities.

The increase of the scientific level and work experience of personnel has been always one of the major concerns, so that the personnel working at this office have bachelor’s and master's degrees.

The main activities of the design, development and construction office

The activities of this office are divided into two parts of design and supervision. Both the above-mentioned parts are conducted either through collaboration with consulting companies or directly by the office personnel such as the design and supervision from the start to end stages of the project for preparing phase 3 in the special zone. All the affairs were addressed in this office.

The initial estimate is conducted by on designing the map, preparing bidding documents, holding the tenders and selecting a competent contractor or consultant, signing contract, supervising the implementation of operations such as the tasks of the design, development and construction office.
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