Payam International Airport in Karaj is one of the airports of Iran airspace which is active 24 hours a day and is located in Karaj, Alborz province. This airport was opened and exploited in 1992 to conduct postal and air cargo operations. The height of Payam airport is 4170 feet above the sea and has a runway with a length of 4000 meters, a width of 60 meters, and runway resistance of 75 PCN. This airport can accept the wide-body aircrafts and the apron of (aircraft parking) is 128000 square meters with nine stands and lightings. 

Airport facilities include:
Runway and flight surfaces
Since the construction of the runway and the flight surfaces are old, the operations of runway renovation and its new asphalt pavement are on the agenda. The runway has a lighting system but the new lighting and approach system was purchased due to the addition of passenger flights and development plans. The operations for installing and implementing this new lighting system began in 2018 and are still being implemented. Due to the lack of natural and artificial obstacles around Payam airport, it is one of the safest airports in Iran. 

Navigation assistance devices
The DVOR / DME and NDB devices are currently operational while he ILS / DME system is operational after being installed. 

Radio devices
Such systems include the call recording systems, switching systems, radio and communication systems, and other types of equipment being currently under operation. 

Safety and firefighting 
In terms of CAT classification, the firefighting safety of the airport is at the seventh rank and this unit can be upgraded to higher levels by increasing human resources due to the machinery and other operational equipment (six foam-makers, ambulance, follow-me, etc.). 

Air traffic control tower
This unit provides about 250 flights with daily flight and aviation services and is one of the full-traffic airports in Iran in terms of the number of flights. It should be noted that flight plan services are provided by aviation message network unit at the same ratio. Air traffic control tower covers the flights of this airport, the flights of Kordan helicopter airport, and the flights of Police force airport. 
Due to the lack of natural and artificial barriers around Payam airport, it is one of the safest airports in Iran. 

Ground equipment
The facilities of Payam airport in the field of ground equipment include three hangars with an area of 2500 square meters each, and the office, warehouse, and shop spaces each one 500 square meters with handling and cargo equipment. With the current equipment, up to 747 aircrafts are currently serviced. Such services include unloading, loading, air starter, GPU, Push Back, etc. 

Aerial refueling
Payam International Airport is one of the few airports in Iran having a refueling unit. Such a unit is ready to deliver fuel to any type of aircraft with a capacity of 540 thousand liters, two refueling units of 34000 liters, and two -carrying tanker of 19000 liters. 

The companies located at the airport
The pilot training company is located at the airport having 47 aircrafts of ultra and light types. using these aircrafts, the pilots receive ppl (private pilot license) and cpl (commercial pilot license) licenses. The Iranian aviation industry university is the only college in the field of aviation and science industry of Iran in this region training students in aeronautical disciplines.

Aircraft maintenance
In the field of MRO or aircraft maintenance, a company is currently active and based on the outlook considered for Payam airport. Since Payam airport is also used for passenger transportation and due to its close proximity to Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini airports, the activities related to aircraft maintenance are highly required. Other companies also ask for cooperation in this area. Based on the requests given in the comprehensive plan of Payam airport, a place is considered at the west side of the runway for MRO, so that the companies which want to cooperate can be settled in that place. A place is considered next to the MRO for the parking of the aircrafts which need to be repaired. This is also one of the factors

considered in the comprehensive plan. 
The comprehensive plan of Payam airport
The comprehensive plan of Payam airport is being implemented in 830 hectares of Payam lands at the airport area. Two companies with airport expertise are cooperating in this area. In developing the airport, all plans and suggestions are measured and estimated based on the number of passengers. In addition, the future design and development are considered based on the type of flights, the amount of carry-on and non-carryon baggage, air freight, as well as the considerable strength and opportunity in the special economic zone where transportation is combined. It should be noted that a clear future can be observed by establishing a dry port and connecting ground roads, airways, and railways in the region. Moreover, the comprehensive plan at the final stages of approval. The horizon of Payam comprehensive plan and its airport capacity were observed for the next 20 years. 

Passenger flights schedule program
A dual-purpose terminal with an area of 6000 meters is currently considered to cover domestic and foreign flights from Payam airport which can accept one to one and a half million passengers annually. 
It is estimated that about 150000 to 250000 passengers are departed from this airport annually during the first year of its activity. 
Payam international airport and special economic zone will have a brilliant future due to  its particular geopolitical position and adjacency to the demographic, industrial and tourism center and its adjacency to the political and social capital of Iran which can be considered from the amount of attention given by the government to Payam aviation services company and its growing economy.
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