Located in Southwest of Karaj, Payam Aviation Services Company, affiliated to Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran, was established late in 2000 to provide air cargo services concerned with postal and air cargo services.

Though, Payam Airport came initially into existence as a cargo and logistic one, later, its function turned into a civil airport departing and receiving passengers to and from various spots. Payam Aviation Services Company is also the most leading pole in the realm of pilot training in the country, enjoying some aviation schools.

Nowadays, Payam Airport, exploiting required infrastructures, is operating as one of the biggest airports in the country specialized in exporting and importing various commodities

Since 2019 and following the legislation issued and approved by the Cabinet of Iran, travel flights have been officially operating through this airport carrying passengers to or from different destinations.

Further, the ideal geographical location of Payam Airport facilitated this opportunity for it to devote some 3600 acres of its land to be used as Special Economic Zone following the legislation passed by Council of Ministers. From 2005, construction of some infrastructure structures to be utilized for industrial purposes went into effect and so far 5 industrial phases of this special economic zone is fully equipped to be represented to investors and enterprises of various demands.

At present, there are about 300 manufacturing and industrial units which are ready to be released through long-term lease contracts out of which 176 companies have also received their Official Operation Letter.

Phases Expansion of Payam Aviation Special Economic Zone

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

40 Acres

56 Acres

18 Acres

165 Acres

50 Acres
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