Thereby the agreement on the service level of Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone is presented as follows:
1. The website of Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone can register and track the applications of applicants via the e-service desk on the home page and the menu at the top of the website.
2. As an application is submitted and the tracing code is received, e-services are provided to the you in the form of time included in your birth certificate. You can use the service tracing menu on the website at any time by having a tracing code and your special code.
3. You can get the required information to contact the managers at all levels of the organization from the introduction menu.
4. Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone website is available to all applicants as 24x7 and it will send you notifications in case of any technical malfunctions.

The statement of purpose of Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone website
This website was designed for facilitating the access to updated information and news as well as the e-access to the company's services. The applicants can receive all necessary news, information, rules, and regulations about Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone via this website.

to invest and obtain the service of this company.
The classification of electronic services presented on the company's website: The deputy of aviation and airport affairs
- Delivering airport services
- Delivering aviation services
The deputy of Payam Special Economic Zone
- Renting the lands and buildings
- Issuing the investment license
- Issuing the construction license
- Issuing the completion of work license
- Issuing the exploitation license
- Issuing the activity license
The probabilities of agreement:
If any change is made to the types of service, service tariffs, and system service IDs, it will be
updated on the e-service menu.
The availability of services
The system service ID and the flowchart of workflow on the required services, forms, and
documents can be observed on the menu of e-service desk related to each service.
The duration of services:
The time to deliver each service varies according to its type which can be elicited through the
flowchart of service and ID workflo
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